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January 31, 2011 at 1:13 am (Goodbye)

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Well, this isn’t exactly a happy ending—  and least not for me— but the Silent Movie Blog has come to the end of the reel.

Some of you have been on board for the whole three years, while others have only just now found it, now that it’s all over. My thanks to all of you. I’m grateful for all your feedback and comments. I’m especially grateful that you’ve been so slow to take offense at the uninspired wisecracks and inappropriate content on display here. I’d rather endure another screening of Napoleon than irritate any of you (whoops, apologies to Mr. Brownlow). The blog’s readership has risen steadily throughout its existence, and is now at an all-time high, which tells me you’ve generally liked what you’ve seen, or that you’ve been hoping for more Laurel and Hardy porno comics (sorry, I only have the one).

In the future, you can find me amongst the participants of Michael Gebert’s outstanding forum Nitrateville, an indispensable resource for everyone who loves silent movies and early talkies. I hope you’ll join us, if you aren’t already there.

Thanks again!

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– – – Christopher Snowden



  1. Bob Lipton said,

    Thanks, Chris. I’ll miss stopping by three or four times a week.


  2. rhonda said,

    I will miss your blog a whole lot. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Joan said,

    Happy Trails to you! I’ll miss you.

  4. John Bengtson said,

    Best Wishes Christopher.

    And thanks for all the fish.


  5. Bruce Calvert said,

    It was fun while it lasted!

  6. JESCIE said,

  7. Mark said,

    Napoleon is the best movie ever made.

    I will miss this great blog, though. 😦

  8. diane said,

    Even though I have been reading and looking at your site for a
    couple of years, it is only recently that I have started posting
    comments. I am so sorry that you are going but I wish you
    all the success where ever you go. I actually got up to tuning
    in once a day. I will have a look at Nitraville – I hope it’s
    not too technical!!!

  9. Jessica said,

    Thanks Christopher! I have enjoyed this blog immensely. Even though I didn’t leave comments, I did read every post. Best of luck to you!

  10. Jennifer said,

    I always got so excited when I saw there was an update from this blog!

    Thanks for all the great work – definitely going to miss you!

    Jen ^_^

  11. Donna said,

    Aw, I’ll miss the blog Chris. It’s been fun and I will miss your humor and slant on the silent movie world. See you round N-Ville and Cinecon, though.

  12. Penfold said,

    Sorry to lose this Chris; always entertaining and/or thought provoking, one of the best film blogs out there. No hope of you changing your mind ???

  13. Mary Mallory said,

    I’ve enjoyed the blog and all the great ephemera/photos, Chris. I love the behind the scenes stuff, and particularly sheet music. Now I’ve got to find this one along with the Mack Sennett cover!

  14. Jeffinprov said,

    Many thanks for the excellent blog and wonderful photographs. I’ll miss this. All best wishes you you!

  15. John Field said,

    Good job of carrying the torch. maybe, you will return.

  16. Shirley Hughes said,

    Your blog was entertaining and enlightening; amusing and thoughtful; informative and hilarious (I especially liked the Garbo as zombie one) – just the way life should be. Silent Movie Blog will be missed but we’ll catch you on nitrateville. From all your friends in Canada, thanks.

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