Charlie Chaplin’s Fatal Powers of Fascination

January 8, 2011 at 5:10 am (Movie Weekly)

Ann Pennington graces our latest Movie Weekly cover.

Just why does Mae Murray love money? Probably for the same reasons the rest of us do.

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It wasn’t unheard-of for prominent film folk to be impersonated by shifty characters. A few years earlier, someone claiming to be D. W. Griffith had been “fleecing guests in poker games at Eastern resorts,” according to Photo-Play Journal (October 1920). It still seems unlikely that Warner Bros. would be finger-printing its stars, as this article claims, but here’s a copy of Marie Prevost’s ID card to prove it. I wonder if it’s still sitting in a musty file cabinet right now.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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A month later, Movie Weekly ran an interview with Claire Windsor (“Male Vamps I Have Known,” July 28, 1923) in which she elaborated on Chaplin’s appeal.

“Oh, he is the most insidious of all! He is the most dangerous he-vamp in the world! There is no deep feeling under it all. Any little thing can change him toward you in a moment! But he can seem so thoroughly in love for the time being!”

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  1. diane said,

    Ann Pennington was just adorable. Even if you know nothing about
    silent movies, looking at the cover of “Movie Weekly” would certainly
    get you interested. “Why I Love Money” – “Fingerprinting the Stars”
    and “Male Vamps I Have Known” – you just gotta love it!!

    • unkvid said,

      I really get a kick out of Movie Weekly, and it’s been fun telling the world about it. A big batch of issues just sold on eBay recently, for the highest prices I’ve ever seen Movie Weeklys sell for. I may have created a monster.

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