Is the Flapper Capable of Love? YES! Says Ramon Novarro

December 17, 2010 at 7:43 am (Movie Weekly)

Our latest Movie Weekly offers an ardent embrace from a faraway land of exotic romance. Miriam Cooper and Kenneth Harlan are the passionate pair, and while the all-American Harlan seems a bit out of his element, Miriam looks blissfully at home in the dream… and exceptionally well-dressed for it.

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Author Alma Talley assures us that, while Ramon Novarro may be Mexican, he’s no “greaser.”  He’s certainly a fan of the flappers (and the feeling is mutual)… but I wouldn’t count on his marrying one.

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Most of the silent-era movie magazines had an “Answer Man,” and Movie Weekly filled that role with “The Colonel.” In this column from the September 29, 1923 issue, he helpfully answers your questions and gives out the home addresses of the stars (for those of you who are really determined to meet your favorites). He’s a bit off the mark where Ricardo Cortez is concerned, but otherwise the man knows his onions.

If the girl in the photo looks vaguely familiar, you’ve probably seen Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances. She’s the hat check girl in that one. Looks like she was also in Colleen Moore’s Flaming Youth, which would be news to the Internet Movie Database.

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  1. Jennifer said,

    So glad you posted thees entry! I read it seex times!

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