Move Over, Rudy

November 11, 2010 at 10:53 pm (Movie Weekly)

Here are a couple of selections from this issue of Movie Weekly.

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Conway Tearle, ladies? Really?

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Movie Weekly ran at least a couple of Keaton articles like this.

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  1. Sten Sture said,

    Conway Tearle is one of few men, who makes me feel like a lady. He was the love interest of Clara Bow in “Black Oxen” (1923) and “Dancing Mothers” (1926), and being her total contrast, their scenes together really cooked!

  2. Eric Stott said,

    Conway Tearle was constantly promoted as a Great Lover- Gold Diggers of Broadway promised “Love Scenes as only Conway Tearle can play them!”- though costar Nancy Welford recalled him as gracious but “old as the hills”. As Sten Sture pointed out you can catch some of his qualities in Dancing Mothers- his scenes with Alice Joyce have real tenderness. He didn’t age well but his voice recorded beautifully and he is very very funny in “Should Ladies Behave” playing an over-the-hill version of the Great Lover: being courtly to his old flame Alice Brady even though he’s uncertain if they ever met.

    He has one superb line in Stingaree- Mary Boland says “Virginity is the foundation of the British Empire”- he says “I think you mean Chastity- an empire wouldn’t get very far on virginity”

  3. Joan said,

    Milton Sills, maybe. Conway Tearle? Naaaaaaaah.

  4. Mary Mallory said,

    I agree with Joan. Conway Tearle is about as exciting as a flat souffle. He did have a great voice, but he’s no Mr. Romance.

  5. Ana said,

    This is great. Do you have the whole article on Buster?

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