The Price of Principle

July 8, 2010 at 2:44 am (One Lil' Picture)

Meet the cutest silent film comedienne you’ve never heard of : Truus van Aalten. A Dutch girl working in the German film industry, she did well in both silents and talkies, until the Nazis came to power.

She spent the rest of the 1930s back home in the Netherlands, where film work was scarce. During the Nazi occupation of her country, she was offered roles again, but she refused to become a wheel in the Nazi propaganda machine.

After the war, she tried to return to the screen, but it was too late; she never appeared in another film. She passed away in 1999.

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– – – Christopher Snowden



  1. Johnny Field said,

    You have a good eye Mr. S. What a shame she didn’t make any movies for Der Furer. At least we could have seen more of her on the screen!

    • unkvid said,

      Part Louise Brooks, part Drew Barrymore!

  2. richard m roberts said,

    So, she lived a long life, do we know it was so tragic? She outlived the Nazis and may have been quite happy out of the spotlight. Vat, you vant her to be Emil Jannings? Or Leni Riefenstahl?


    • unkvid said,

      Hey, don’t you have a film festival to get ready for?

      No, I see her as more of a heroic figure than a tragic one. I only wish she’d moved to America and gotten a steady gig as Blondie and Dagwood’s hot Dutch neighbor.

  3. Hala Pickford said,

    Its like Louise Brooks…with boobies!

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